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Frequently Asked Questions

Xtreme-Desi provides free and paid image hosting service. 


Account Features

All members are treated equal regardless of account functions. Paid accounts have extra features in comparison to free accounts.

What image formats are supported?

Free Image Hosting Service supports images uploaded in jpeg, gif and png format.

What is the maximum allowed size for uploaded images?

The maximum filesize you can upload depends on whether you have a paid or free account, as does the maximum width and height allowed for uploaded images. Images with a larger filesize than the allowed maximum will be rejected. Images with larger widths and heights than your account allows may be automatically resized depending on your account.

How many images can I upload?

The number of images you can upload depends on the type of account you have. Note that there is no limit on the number of uploads you can do, just on the number of images stored in your account at any one time. This limit may be set by the storage space we give you, or a set maximum number of images. You can delete images from your account at any time to make room for new ones.

Where can I compare the features for free and paid accounts?

To view and compare all the features of our free and paid accounts, please see the table on our Sign up page

Can I link to my images when I have uploaded them?

Yes. We allow you to link directly to your images once they are uploaded. We provide you with url to each image, as well as html code to link to it, and bbcode compatible with the most commonly found forums.

Can I view / delete / access my images after they are uploaded?

Yes. Once you login to your account you can browse a list of all your uploaded images together with a thumbnail preview of each image. From here you can find the url to each image, delete images you no longer need, and email links to the images to your friends.

Are there any types of image that are not allowed on ?

Yes. Any images that contravene our terms and conditions may not be uploaded to your account. We reserve the right to delete without any notice any images which we believe violate our terms and conditions, and to suspend or terminate the accounts of any members who upload images that violate our  terms


How do I sign up for an account?

You can sign up for a free account on the sign up page. You need to choose a username and password that you will use to upload images to your account. We also require you to enter a valid email address when you join. We send a confirmation email to this address with instructions on how to activate your account.

Can I sign up for more than 1 account?

Unlike other image hosting sites, You may create as many accounts as you like -  however we do ask that you do not abuse the system.

How do I access my account?

Once you have signed up and confirmed your account, you can login to it on the login page. Whilst logged in to your account you can upload images, browse the images you have already uploaded, get the urls required to view or link to the images, email links to the images to your friends, and delete any of your images.

Help! I've forgotten my username or password.

If you forget your login details for your  account we can send a reminder to the email address you registered with us when you created your account. Just follow the instructions on the password reminder page.

How do I upgrade to a Gold account?

If you have outgrown the features provided by our Silver account, you can upgrade to a paid account on the upgrade page. A Gold costs $4.95 per month (discounts may be available if you pay for several months at a time). Payments are accepted through PayPal, and in most cases your account will be upgraded automatically after payment.

Unanswered Questions

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly.

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